This is what you must avoid after working out

This is what you must avoid after working out

You just went to the gym and you would love a bag of chips right now. Of course, you know that this isn’t the best choice for you, but did you know that the following points are also negatively influencing your progress or health:

#1. Drinking sports drinks. Some people crave something sweet after working out and will instantly grab a sports drink. This is an absolute no-go! Because a sports or energy drink will easily contain up to 330 calories.

#2. Keeping your gym clothes on. Coming home, all sweaty, and immediately putting on your gym clothes. On moments like these, you’re likely to just stay put on the couch. Still, it’s better to take a short shower. After going to the gym, you’re a source of bacteria and are more prone to get sick.


#3. Touching your face. It may sound dirty, but when sweat dries it becomes itchy. And during your workout, your hands get contaminated with all the bacteria on the exercise equipment. So, after working out, you’re likely to start scratching – with your dirty hands. Try to avoid this and take a towel with you to once in a while dry your face with.

#4. Skip stretching. Stretching may even be more important than your actual workout. Because of this, you’ll get nice long muscles and this will prevent injuries.


#5. Not eating after a workout. A lot of people think that eating after a workout is a bad thing. Well, this is a myth. Eating after working out is a must! Food will help your muscles to build after a workout. Even a little bite will be enough, preferably with a lot of protein. For example, a bowl of yogurt or a boiled egg.

#6. Staying up late. Easy to forget but sleeping is a big part of your workout. While you’re sleeping, your body produces a growing hormone, ensuring the repair of your muscles.


#7. Snacking. Like we said in point 5, eating something after a workout is a must. But keep it healthy. Eating a bag of chips after a workout really isn’t helpful at all…

#8 Rolling up your yoga mat. “Raise your hand if you’re guilty”. We all do it: rolling up our yoga mat after a yoga class. If you do this the bacteria will stay in there, and your mat won’t be as clean the next class…


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