Revealed: This is the best sport for your booty

Revealed: This is the best sport for your booty

A nice round booty – the dream of almost every woman… That’s why we all started squatting. Key question: is this the most effective way to train your buttocks?

Chill Factore conducted and inquiry among 2.000 people. The participants had to fill out a survey. The research concluded that people who ski have the best booties (!). Skiing will train the hamstrings, upper legs, and your glutes. This is because of the bent position while skiing. Resulting in: a fine ass.

Other groups of people also did well on the test. Ballroom dancers, fitness instructors, cheerleaders and soccer players often have a great behind as well.

In short: get yourself some tickets to a ski resort and train your booty on the slopes. Follow in the footsteps of these models:

Doutzen Kroes – almost every winter Doutzen and her family go on a skiing trip

Rosie Huntington–Whiteley  – on the slopes with her husband

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