This is why you should start shopping in your workout clothes

This is why you should start shopping in your workout clothes

“Shopping is my cardio”. You’ve probably heard it before. Thanks to science, we can take this saying seriously now.

Thank God for science… The researchers concluded a lot of remarkable things. Not all test result are great. But the results of this research made our hearts jump a little.


A few of the brightest students from Harvard’s Business School went on a field research in expensive boutique stores in Milan. It turns out that: when you’re going shopping in your comfortable workout clothes you’ll get better service! #saywhat

How is it possible?
So, it clearly showed that people in workout clothes got more attention from the staff than people who put in work to look good. But why? According to the researchers, there are two distinct reasons for this.

  1. As soon as the workers see that you’re underdressed, they’ll have more drive to help you find the right clothing. This will happen a lot faster than with people who already look flawless. Makes sense, right?
  2. People with a lot of money usually tend to be the people that feel a bit better than the rest. Because of this, they won’t adapt as easily to what the average person would do. Going into an expensive boutique wearing workout clothes isn’t really appropriate, of course. This behavior is therefore linked by sellers to someone who is able to spend a lot of money. That’s a second reason why the staff will spend more time on this person.


The behavior of the staff, to help these people faster, isn’t as crazy as it may sound. Other studies concluded this as well. A lot of people are prone to give others with a higher status more and faster attention. Even when this person dresses differently. Simply because they stand out more,

So, from now on just go shopping in your sweatpants, perfectly normal!


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