Gift guide: The best gifts under €15

Gift guide: The best gifts under €15

It’s that time of the year again! December has arrived, just like our good friend Santa Claus. And this means: buying gifts for friends and family.

Every year it’s the same story: what the hell are you going to buy everyone?! It’s not that easy to find fun affordable gifts time and time again. How lucky are you to have found this list of the best gifts under 15 euro?

#1. A cute beanie
A cute, warm beanie is a must in the cold winter months.
– €12,95


 #2. A good book
Something to read is always nice, especially if you can learn something from it. The ‘how to do’ books are always good to have.


#3. Wallet
All that money you have to spend in the month of December still has to have a place to store.


#4. Bralettes
They’re super hot at the moment and everybody could use one. You can wear these comfortable bras underneath a see-through shirt or a dainty blouse. They’ll complete your whole outfit.
€19,95 – €9,95


#5. Nice Jewelry
You can never go wrong with something shiny! Chockers are everywhere this season, in every size and color. So, you can never have enough of them.


#6. A pair of socks
A pair of socks is always welcome with this weather. Especially those cozy knee high socks are ideal.


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