Do It Yourself: Healthy Energy Drink

Do It Yourself: Healthy Energy Drink

Picking up a can of energy drink and quickly reloading your energy levels. It’s an easy choice, but so unhealthy.

Luckily we have the perfect alternative for you…

Myth: Energy drinks won’t only give you can energy boost but they’ll also improve your performance. Well, that’s not true. Research has revealed that the amount of caffeine and sugar in energy drinks can lead to insomnia, nervousness, and anxiety. Overusing could even lead to heart rhythm disorders.

But luckily we have found a healthy way to boost your energy levels.

 1. Wheatgrass juice
Maybe not our favorite juice but one shot of wheatgrass juice contains the nutritional value of 1 kg of vegetables. Besides an energy boost, it will cleanse your body, will have an anti-inflammatory, and will boost your immune system as well.

2. Aloe Vera drink
We’re not talking about the beverages you’ll find in the supermarket. Instead, a healthier version. You can buy this at a health store. Aloe Vera, as a pure drink, is rich in important nutrients and will activate the energy metabolism.

3. Green smoothies
There’s nothing better than making a smoothie. Are you looking for an energy smoothie? We’ll advise putting an apple into a kale smoothie, a banana with zucchini or blueberries with some spinach.

4. Green tea
You probably already know that green tea is very healthy. Green tea contains caffeine and this will work stimulating.

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Green Smoothie