5x foods that will make your hair grow faster

5x foods that will make your hair grow faster

Dreaming of a head full of beautiful, shiny, long locks? With these tips, you’ll be the next real Rapunzel. 

Maybe you heard it before: ‘‘You should really cut your hair short. It would look great on you.’’ Unfortunately, you will believe them and before you know it you’re asking your hairdresser for a short hairdo. There you are with your new fashionable bob, and everyone told you that you would look great. Uhm no…

You’re starting to really regret your choice and it will take a long time to grow it all back. Don’t be sad… There are foods that will make your hair grow a lot faster and also stronger.


#1 Salmon
This tasty little pink fish is bursting with healthy vitamins, proteins and also contains omega 3. All these benefits will keep your scalp healthy and therefore allows the hair to grow faster.

#2 Oysters
A zinc deficiency is one of the effects of an unhealthy scalp. Because of this, it’s good to eat oysters, these are chock-full of zinc. And of course, you’ll have to eat this with a glass of Champaign. Very annoying…


#3 Eggs
Just like salmon, eggs are rich in omega 3 and biotin. It’s not so much that the egg in its self will make your hair grow faster, but it’s the yoke. Warning, too much of the egg white will actually block the intake of biotin and cause a deficiency.

#4 Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene. This vitamin enhances the health of your scalp and your hair growth.

#5 Yellow chilies
Yellow chilies contain more vitamin C than oranges and that’s amazing news for your aspiring long locks. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that will strengthen the hair follicles and protects against breakage of the hair. Do you love spicy food? Well, you’re in luck!

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    That last gif is a good representation of misunderstanding concern with a challenge. And it did not go well clearly. Knowing ways to grow hair faster would enable you to regain the self-confidence lost due to hair thinning.