This hack will prevent runs in your tights

This hack will prevent runs in your tights

17 February 2019

Nothing is more annoying than a big tear in your tights while you’re at a fancy dinner party. It just looks messy. And the worst thing: most of the time you can’t even help it! Or can you…

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Prevention is easier
Most of the time prevention is better than healing, right? Especially with runs in your tights. Because carrying three pairs of tights every time you go out isn’t ideal. We all know the clear polish trick… When you have a little hole in your tights, you put a little bit of clear polish on it to prevent it from tearing even more. But you know that when you have to put nail polish on your tights it’s already game over.

The real hack
Sometimes being careful just isn’t good enough. With this easy hack, you’ll prevent all the trouble.
The magic word: Freeze! By freezing your tights, the material will become more sturdy and runs will become history.


  • Wet your tights with some cold water and put them in a plastic bag before putting them in your freezer.
  • Get them out of the freezer the next day and wait for them to completely defrost.

HUH? How!???
Freezing your tights will change the molecules in the material of the tights, making them stronger. After they adjust to room temperature again, the weak spots have become stronger. The material of the tights will even feel sturdier when you’re putting them on.

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