The Top 15 Hottest Looks from Bella Hadid

The Top 15 Hottest Looks from Bella Hadid

Rising star Bella Hadid knows how to dress. Whether it’s a sexy little dress or an edgy bomber jacket.

Quickly take a look at 15 of her best looks:

Bella Hadid 1
1. Cool girl: With a dark fur coat, oversized sweater, Alexander Wang tights, and bulky boots.

Bella Hadid 2
2. Denim on denim: a denim jacket with a black crop-top, flared jeans and high patent heels.

Bella Hadid 3
3. Of course, she’s also seen in a Victoria’s Secret look: legging from VS, Nike sneakers, sports bra and a black bomber jacket.

Bella Hadid 4
4. Well, do we need to say more? In her all-black bodysuit with a bra, black lace-up jeans, a leather jacket, and ankle boots.

Bella 5
5. Sexy denim: The supermodel wore this outfit to the first recording session from Victoria’s Secret. A dark washed denim jumpsuit. The jumpsuit has a very low V-neck, to make it a little bit sexier. We love it!

 Bella Hadid 6
6. Even more denim, but this time there’s a bit more skin. A see-through top with a turtleneck, a black bra, a matching skirt, purple velvet ankle boots and a cap.

Bella Hadid 7
7. Oehlala! Bella in a dress from Dior’s SS 2017 collection. A pair of pointy heels and you’re done.

 Bella 8
8. In the army: camo trousers, a black bomber jacket, lace-up heels, a little black bag and a nice oversized pair of sunglasses.

Bella Hadid 9
9. Blue it is and silk as well: trousers, a blazer, and a crop top.

Bella Hadid 10
10. Perfect for the weekend and if you don’t have anything to do. An oversized hoodie, a choker necklace, sneakers and we’re done.

 Bella Hadid 11
11. During the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris, you have to look extra special. Matching her trousers with her crop top, combined with a casual denim jacket.

 Bella Hadid 12
12. Bella is wearing sunglasses from Karen Walker, a black off-shoulder top, high waisted jeans and patent boots.

 Bella Hadid 13
13. Nice and comfortable. A silk bomber jacket, white t-shirt, sneakers and jeans (pretty detail: paint splashes on her jeans).Bella Hadid 14
14. The sporty look. A great Tommy Hilfiger sweater, workout legging and Nike sneakers.

Bella Hadid 15
15. Leather: flared leather jeans, leather jacket, and a crème colored backpack,

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