Why are women never happy with their appearance?

Why are women never happy with their appearance?

Everybody knows that women are never ever a 100% happy with their appearance. How come?

In the UK  91% of the participating women said they weren’t happy about their hips and thighs. 77% complained about their waste line. More than three-quarters of the women were unhappy about the shape of their bodies in general and 60% of them even felt depressed about their own appearance.

This is already pretty alarming and this wasn’t even the complete list.

The reasons for these complexes al have to do with self-esteem, hormones, culture, DNA and evolution. Most women admit that their insecurity is built on the critical judgement by other women.

They also accuse the media of promoting a wrong image of the ‘’perfect woman’’. With this they talk about the perfect models with ‘’perfect’’ sizes. In the meantime, there have been changes. Take plus-size model Ashley Graham for example. She is changing the ideal image by sharing pictures of her tummy, big behind and cellulite.

Research concludes that almost all women have gone on a diet before. And two thirds of them considered or thought of plastic surgery before.

It’s funny however that only half of these women are willing to start working out to get the same results.

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