This is what experts will tell you not to do with your brows

This is what experts will tell you not to do with your brows

Are eyebrow pencils and eyebrow kits part of your daily morning routine? Shading in your eyebrows slightly is fine and even pretty but if you go any heavier, you’re making a mistake. That look is over, according to makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic.

He calls it the Instagram Brow. Mario explains that these are tightly lined, darkly shaded and elongated with a pencil. It looks unnatural and that’s exactly what isn’t done anymore in the new year. “It’s time for something new”, Mario says. “Your eyebrows are still allowed to be full and to steal the show, but they can’t be harsh. The softer the better”, according to the makeup artist. “It all depends on how you apply the products and your pressure on the pencil.”

This is how you do it:

  1. Brush your eyebrows through.
  2. Shade them in ever so lightly, on the spots with less hair.
  3. Line the shape of your brows lightly with a lighter shade of eyebrow pencil. This creates an extra dimension.
  4. Finish them with some eyebrow gel

Give it a shot!

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