This is how your hair will survive a rainy day

This is how your hair will survive a rainy day

It doesn’t matter how you style your hair, the rain is always going to ruin it. Luckily we have put together a list of 5 rainproof hairdos. Perfect for rainy autumn days.

#1. Boxer braids. Once you have braided your hair into boxer braids, they’re usually so tight and neat that no rainstorm is going to change that. Also, a good choice for working out.


#2. The wet look. Just make sure that your hair is already wet before going out. The wet look is the look of 2016. Besides, the rain won’t do any damage to it because your hair is already wet.

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#3. Messy head. Some women will get very curly and frizzy hair from the rain, but with the messy look that’s exactly the point. Let your hair down and create a beachy look. On rainy days, always try to have some mouse for curly hair in your bag. You can put it in your hair after a downpour and look flawless again.


#4. High sleek ponytail. Not much can go wrong with a high, tight ponytail or bun. Spritz a layer of hairspray on top and you’ll arrive flawlessly at your destination.


#5. Cover it up. Make things easy for yourself! You can, of course, protect your hair for the rain by covering it. A pretty beanie or an edgy hat is the way to go. Everybody will think it’s a fashion statement, but instead, you’re wearing it out of necessity.


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