These 9 period facts are crucial for you to know

These 9 period facts are crucial for you to know

That time of the month may not always be your favorite time. As a (young) woman you know perfectly well how extremely uncomfortable your period can be. Comforting thought: we all go through it!

Uncontrollable binging, emotional outbursts, pimples and spots – recognizable? However, there’s some much more to say about your time of the month than just these clichés.

For example, did you know that…

#1 The average woman will have their periods for 38 years?
That’s almost a decade! Makes sense, most girls start having their periods when they’re about 12 years old. The menopause, or the point of time when the menstrual period stops completely, is usually around the 50th life-year.

#2 Men look differently at women when ovulation takes place?
Well, from a physiological perspective he should know this… Research concluded that men think that women smell better when they’re ovulating. Probably unlike how you think about it (?). Another research concluded that men think women even dance better when they’re ovulating. Alright then.


#3 The whole ‘on the same cycle as your friends/sisters/nieces’ thing is a myth?
Although us women love to believe that being on the same cycle as our friends/sisters/nieces is a sign of our sincere friendship, it’s actually purely random. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with assuming that our synchronized periods are meant to be. At least you’ll be able to have movie nights with chocolate, chips, and cookies together.

#4 The seasons influence the amount of blood you’ll lose?
There has been a research that suggested that sunlight can influence your period. To be more specific: women who catch a lot of sunlight before they’re supposed to be on their period will increase their chance of a shorter period with less blood loss. Time to travel?

#5 Women do NOT ‘need’ their period to be healthy?
Many women think it’s bad or unnatural to (intentionally) not have their period. The truth, however, is that for everyone who doesn’t want to be pregnant, it can’t do any harm to skip a month. Dr. Alyssa Dweck agrees: “There is no medical reason why a woman has to menstruate every month. And there is nothing wrong with tweaking the system if bleeding is difficult for women”.


#6 Your libido increases when you’re on your period?
And well, true sailors aren’t afraid of the red sea…

#7 Menstruation isn’t an illness?
Or a disability. You’re a woman. Your period is not an explanation for your behavior, it’s just a biological process. Done. Over. And. Out.

#8 Stress or access weight can cause irregular periods?
When you’re not totally sure if your period is going ok because you endured a lot of stress (exams! deadlines! boyfriend!), you’re best of seeing a doctor.

#9 The ‘toxic shock syndrome’ (tampon infection) has to be taken seriously?
Alright, it doesn’t happen often but it’s still possible to suffer from the syndrome by using tampons. This happens when bacteria will start reproducing extremely fast. This starts by keeping the same tampon in for too long… Warning: keep track of time, always!