Skin care resolutions

Skin care resolutions

Losing weight, eating healthier and developing yourself are probably on your list of resolutions for the new year. But are we forgetting our skin? Five good skin care ideas to start your new year glowing.

1. Remove all your makeup before going to bed
About twenty percent of the women will easily leave their mascara on for about three days. And your skin isn’t benefiting from it! If you don’t clean your face you’ll increase the chance of skin problems like pimples. So, from now on: every night, before you go to sleep, clean of all the make-up on your face.

2. Keep track of the shelf-life
Maybe you never even thought about it but skincare products list their shelf-life as well. And that’s more important than you may think. Preservatives lose their effect, and this enables bacteria and mold to run free. Makeup can, in fact, go bad. The shelf-life of cosmetics is illustrated by the symbol of a little open jar with a number on it. This number indicates how many months you can keep the products for after opening them. If you can’t find this symbol on the packaging, the shelf-life has to be listed somewhere else on the product.

3. Clean your make-up brushes regularly
It seems like the logical thing to do but a lot of people forget to actually do it: cleaning your makeup brushes. These are also places where bacteria can start to grow and they will eventually end up on your skin. Not a pleasant idea. Try to wash your brushes every two to four weeks with a mild shampoo.

4. Natural isn’t always better
Natural is safe, right? In short: natural skincare products aren’t any better than synthetic products. The safety and effectiveness of a product are way more important than the question whether a product is natural or not. Lavender, which hazel and ylang-ylang are beautiful botanic products but can cause skin irritation. Green tea, however, is an example of a safe product with good properties for the skin.

5. Be patient
If you start using new products, you probably want to see instant results. Keep in mind that your skin has to adjust to this new ritual. Especially if the products are very powerful. Not starting off slow will actually cause an irritated skin. Don’t expect instant results. A lot of people tend to switch between products a lot. Instead, give your skin care products at least a four- to eight-week trial.

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