Models’ favorite beauty apps and filters

Models’ favorite beauty apps and filters

Who doesn’t want to know? Models look flawless on every selfie.

Our models show the apps on their iPhone they use to get the most likes on Instagram.

Daelorian van der Kolk from Touché Models: ‘‘I always use two apps to make my pictures Insta-worthy. First, I’ll use Aviary to get rid of little spots and to lighten up my eyes. After that, I’ll use VSCO cam to edit the light and colors so the picture will match my feed.’’

Beauty app

Kylene Oprinsen from Future Faces: ‘‘My favorite app is Boomerang. It’s not a boring picture but not a tediously long video either. I also edit my pictures using Instagram itself. Never with an actual filter but I just amp up the clarity and higher the contrast.

Kylene Oprinsen

Saskia Schrijer from Touché Models: ‘‘Definitely Afterlight. The app doesn’t have any of the basic filters and you can precisely decide how you want your picture to look. Things like contrast, color and clarity. Ideal.’’

Saskia Schrijer

Nadal de Vries from Future Faces: ‘‘Meitu, awesome filters and you can easily blur things out. Even people in the background ;-)’’

Nadal de Vries

Nicky Opheij from Touché Models: ‘‘My favorite app is Photowonder and I always use an Instagram filter that looks the best with that specific picture. Additionally, I adjust the sharpness and clarity’’.

Nicky Opheij

Evie Lukassen from Future Faces: ‘‘VSCO works perfectly for me. It depends on the picture which filter I’ll use.’’

Evie Lukassen

Yunna Zhang from Future Faces: ‘‘I love Instagram’s own filters. I switch between filters depending on the picture. However, I do use the filter Mayfair a lot. Mostly with pictures where I look a little too pale.’’

Yunna Zhang

Angela Huizeling from Future Faces: ‘‘I use the app airbrush. You can actually apply plastic surgery to your pictures with this app lol. But I only use this app to remove the occasional pimple with the ‘blemish tool’. Very easy and quick; I wish this was possible in real life!’’

Angela Huizeling

Elise Esseboom from Touché Models: ‘‘Honestly I never use any filters. I make loads of selfies and usually there’s a pretty one amongst them ;-)’’

Elise Esseboom

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