Gigi Hadid used to be a background singer

Gigi Hadid used to be a background singer

The Victoria’s Secret model is only 21 years old and most know her as a model, but she actually started out as a background singer.

Of course, we know now that Gigi Hadid has more talents besides modelling. For instance: horseback riding and volleyball. But apparently, she can sing as well…

A while back a few #throwback tweets were found from 2014 which revealed that Gigi took part in Josh Groban’s Christmas album.

Gigi tweeted: “Tbt little drummer boy lol.” And Josh tweeted back with: “Yessssssss,” with some microphone emojis.

But where can you hear Gigi?

For that, you’ll have to listen very carefully, but we were able to find her voice at 1:13, 1:20, 1:30 and 1:42.

Gigi is also listed as a background singer in the song “I’ll be home for Christmas”. At 3:51 we hear the supermodel say: “Hi, Daddy. Mommy, Bella and I are wrapping presents to put under the tree and we saved on especially for you. We miss you a lot and we hope that you can come home soon. Merry Christmas,

How cute!

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