All natural! 7 benefits of not wearing any makeup

All natural! 7 benefits of not wearing any makeup


Do you love a #nomakeup day? Lucky you! Below you’ll find 7 benefits of a no makeup kind of day…

 1. You can sleep in longer
Or take a longer shower (and secretly sing along with your whole Spotify playlist), make and eat a very big breakfast, while re-watching the last episode of Orang is The New Black, season 4 – and so on.

2. Your skin will be able to breathe and your pores will (almost) never be clogged
Not wearing any makeup is still the best thing for your skin!

3. Sweat? No problem
No burning eyes because of your kohl pencil, mascara or foundation dripping into them.

4. You’re your purest self
And did you know that that’s what men prefer? #nojoke

5. You’ll actually stand out when you decide to wear make-up
In contrast with the typical “are you sick?” question daily makeup users get when they decide to go all natural for a day. Ouch!

6. Goodbye awkward makeup moments
For example: lipstick on your teeth, transferring mascara, looking like a clown (orange foundation, too much blush), two asymmetrical eyebrows, white hands and a tanned face. Relatable?

7. You save money
Start to calculate how much you spend on makeup every month. Actually: put it in a piggy bank. At the end of the moth you will be able to do something fun with that money.

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